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Chair of Development and Cooperative Economics welcomes Prof. Dr. Remi Adeyemo
Prof. Dr. Remi Adeyemo, Agricultural Economist at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, is currently visiting the Department of Economics as a guest of the ...

Student assistant position to be filled
In the SASSCAL research project of the Chair of Development- & Cooperative Economics at the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics the position of a ...

Sprechstunde/Office hours
Die nächsten Sprechstundentermine von Prof. Kirk sind:/ Prof. Kirk's next office hours will be on:

The Institute for Cooperation in Developing Countries is looking for master students
who are interested in writing their theses in the context of research activities of the working group.

Key Qualification
The Institute for Cooperation in Developing Countries is looking for a Master student who is interested in accomplishing a key qualification. The student's ...

Final report on "IDEntifying and Analysing New Issues in Desertification:
Research Trends and Research NeedS" ("IDEAS" Project sponsored by BMBF) now available online.

Die aktuellen Downloads zu den Vorlesungen finden Sie auf der Lernplattform ILIAS!

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