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The Group

(back row) T. Shimizu, M. Celik, P. Jerabek, Reuti, J. Wender

(middle row) N. Holzmann, C. Goedecke, G. Frenking, M. Schwarzer

(front row) D. Devarajan, A. Nguyen, R. Sure, S. Klein, G. Jansonius

Current members of the group

  Andrea Tschirch (Secretary)
Member of the group since 2011
Phone: +49-(0)6421-28-25561
Fax: +49-(0)6421-28-25566
eMail: andrea.tschirch@see.foot.note.invalid
Thomas Reuter (Technician)
Member of the group since 1999
Phone: +49-(0)6421-28-25549
eMail: reuti@see.foot.note.invalid (GPG key)
Responsibilities: Technical officer of the Frenking group
  Dr. Lili Zhao
(Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China)
Phone: +49-(0)6421-28-25551
eMail: lili.zhao@see.foot.note.invalid
Dr. Giovanni Caramori
Member of the group since 2013
Phone: +49-(0)6421-28-27001
eMail: giovanni.caramori@see.foot.note.invalid
  Dipl.-Chem. Paul Jerabek
Member of the group since 2010
Phone: +49-(0)6421-28-25551
eMail: paul.jerabek@see.foot.note.invalid (GPG key)
Dr. Diego Andrada
Member of the group since 2013
Phone: +49-(0)6421-28-27030
eMail: diego.andrada@see.foot.note.invalid
  M.Sc. Markus Hermann
Member of the group since 2011
Phone: +49-(0)6421-28-27001
eMail: hermann__at__students.uni-marburg.de (GPG key)

Please exchange all domain names in the email addresses with staff.uni-marburg.de when noted.

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