Dalia Fadly

Dalia Fadly

Wiss. Mitarbeiterin


dalia.fadly@staff 1 Deutschhausstraße 12
35032 Marburg
F|14 Institutsgebäude (Raum: 01A35)
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    Dalia Fadly joined CNMS as a teaching assistant at the Economics of Middle East research group in October 2015. She is currently involved in teaching a number of courses at the bachelor and masters level on topics related to Middle East Economics and research methods. She is also a PhD candidate, writing her thesis on the political economy of green growth. Her main research interests are economic development and growth, environmental and energy economics, and political economy.

    Ms. Fadly has a double Masters of Science degree in Economics from the University of Warwick, UK and Lund University in Sweden.

    Prior to joining the CNMS, Ms. Fadly had a range of expertise in academia and in working with international organizations like the European Investment Bank where she was a trainee for a year at the Advisory services department at the headquarter office in Luxembourg. In 2014, she worked as a lecturer assistant at the faculty of Economics and political science, Cairo University. Besides, she held the position as policy research assistant for AECOM international development working on a wide range of projects related to local governance, economic planning, civil service law reform, and urbanization.


    • 18 June - 19 June, 2018: “Green transformation and competitive advantage: Evidence from developing countries, Deutsches Institut Für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE). BONN

    • 28 June-2 July, 2017: European Association for Environmental and Resource Economists conference (EAERE), Athens

    • 21- 22 Nov. 2016: The 14th development Dialogue conference, International institute of social studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

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    Fadly, D., and Fontes, F., (2019). Geographical proximity and renewable energy diffusion: An empirical approach, Energy Policy, 129, pp. 422-435.

    El Massah, S. S, and Fadly, D. (2017). Predictors of academic performance for finance students: Women at higher education in the UAE, International Journal of Educational Management, 31(7), pp. 854-864.

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    • Economic Development
    • Environmental and Resource Economics
    • Economics of the Middle East
    • Empirical Research Methods

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