Security and ethics in an age of artificial intelligence: Enacting scenes of friction


18. Februar 2020 18:00 – 18. Februar 2020 20:00

Deutschausstraße 10 großer Hörsaal

Abendvortrag von Claudia Aradau, King's College

Ethics has increasingly become the main response to criticisms of the discriminatory, racist and gendered effects of algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI). How are we to understand this rush to make algorithms and AI ethical, which has taken almost a viral form in its spread from the European Parliament and European Commission to professional computer science associations and companies such as Google’s DeepMind? This talk proposes to understand both ethics and security as political technologies that tame power relations, make corrective interventions and foster subjects of governance. The talk will develop two related arguments. Firstly, I will show how the deployment of ethics across these very different organisations is geared towards consensus and can thus be understood as a form of security governance. Secondly, I propose to reformulate the relation between security and ethics through the methodological device of ‘scenes of friction’. To this purpose, I will analyse the public scene of friction that has emerged around the petition signed by 4,000 Google employees against Google’s involvement in the weaponisation of AI. I will conclude with reflections on how scenes of friction can become political.

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SFB/Transregio 138 "Dynamics of Security"