23.04.2021 PhD - Towards Sustainable Energy Futures for Displaced Communities

Foto: Colourbox.de

Die Coventry University schreibt zum September 2021 eine voll-finanzierte PhD-Stelle aus, die unter dem Titel "Towards Sustainable Energy Futures for Displaced Communities" steht.

Project details

Globally, over 80% of the 8.7 million refugees and displaced persons in camps have little or no access to electricity. For refugee settlements and host communities to have access to reliable, sustainable and modern energy, humanitarian responses need appropriate guidance and data to deliver improved energy solutions in displacement settings.

This transdisciplinary project will build on the HEED project principles of community co-design. It will draw on fields of energy anthropology, energy ethics and socially informed Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) design approaches to rethink energy protocols in refugee settings. The project will use qualitative methods such as interviews and community-based participatory research.

The project objectives are:

• To understand the social, cultural and subjective meanings of energy in the case study community to support energy systems design that can respond to and respect the energy needs and aspirations of displaced people

• To examine decision-making processes and preferences about energy access and use of households, individuals and collectives of geographically co-located people to inform energy systems design protocols that promote security, well-being and improve life chances of displaced people.

• To add to literature on the barriers that limit displaced communities from accessing and benefitting from modern, affordable, and safe energy.


Die Bewerbungsfrist endet am 24.05.2021. Alle weiteren Informationen über das Programm und das Bewerbungsverfahren finden Sie unter nachfolgendem Link: