Fachbereichskolloquium Psychologie Sommersemester 2021


19. Mai 2021 16:15 – 19. Mai 2021 17:45


Dr. Clare Press, University of London, Great Britain

„Perceptual prediction: How do we render our experiences both veridical and informative?”

It is widely assumed that we must use predictions to determine the nature of our perceptual experiences, but theories within the domain of action are at odds with those from other perceptual disciplines. Specifically, action theories propose that we cancel predicted events from perception to render our experiences informative - telling us what we did not already know. In contrast, theories outside of action - typically couched within Bayesian frameworks - demonstrate that we combine our predictions (prior) with the evidence (likelihood) to determine the experience (posterior). Such a process would render our experiences more veridical in the face of sensory noise. I will present several psychophysical and neuroimaging findings from our lab that ask whether action predictions really influence perceptual processing so differently. I will conclude by asking how we may, in principle, use predic-tions to generate experiences that are *both * veridical *and *informative.

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Dr. Clare Press, University of London, Great Britain


Prof. Dr. Daniel Heck