Fachbereichskolloquium Psychologie Sommersemester 2021


30. Juni 2021 16:15 – 30. Juni 2021 17:45


Prof. Dr. Heleen Slagter, Universität Amsterdam, Niederlande

„Attention and Inhibition in the Predictive Brain”

Perception is more than meet’s the eye; how we experience the world is critically shaped by attention (what is relevant) and as a rapidly growing body of work indicates, by predictions grounded in past experience and regularities in the outside world (what is likely). Overturn-ing the classical notion of perception as a largely bottom-up process, the idea that our brain is a prediction machine, continually trying to predict what is ‘out there’ based on the proba-bilistic structure of the world, is quickly growing in scientific stature and influence. Yet, lit-tle is still known about how predictions, independently or in interaction with attention, may shape perception and performance. In my talk, I will present findings from several behav-ioral and EEG studies that examined how predictions are neurally implemented and guide behavior, and how this may depend on the goal-relevance (target, distractor), modality (vis-ual, auditory), and/or dimension (spatial, nonspatial, temporal) of the predicted information. Collectively, these findings reveal how the brain rapidly picks up on the probabilistic struc-ture of the world, guiding what we attend to and what we ignore.

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Prof. Dr. Daniel Heck