19.06.2019 Functional variation in seed dispersal mutualisms

Foto: Gonzales-Varo

Vortrag im Rahmen des Kolloquium Ökologie - Naturschutz - Biodiversität

Dienstag, 25.06.2019, 17:15 Uhr
Kleiner Hörsaal (altes MPI)

Referent: Juan Pedro González-Varo, University of Oviedo, Spain

Many plants across the world’s biomes depend on frugivorous animals to disperse their seeds. They play a pivotal role in plant community dynamics by promoting key ecological functions such as initial colonization and local immigration. Besides, by fostering vegetation recovery after disturbance, frugivores provide important ecosystem services, including erosion prevention or habitat provisioning for other taxonomic groups. Information on the way in which frugivores operate is therefore essential to understand and forecast these functions and services. Yet, there is still an important knowledge gap on how distinct species or groups of individuals within the same species disperse seeds in space and time, especially in a context of global change. I will present new evidence on this issue resulting from field experiments and DNA barcoding analysis that have helped us to unveil relevant and diversified functional components of seed dispersal mutualisms.