Dr. Glenda Mendieta Leiva

Wiss. Mitarbeiterin


+49 6421 28-24258 glenda.mendieta@geo 1 Deutschhausstraße 10
35032 Marburg
F|12 Deutsches Haus (Raum: +2/0250)


Philipps-Universität Marburg Geographie (Fb19) Physische Geographie Biogeographie und Hochgebirgsforschung Ökologische Pflanzengeographie

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    Curriculum vitae (PDF)

    seit 2015 Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin an der Philipps-Universität Marburg, Fachbereich Geographie, AG Ökologische Pflanzengeographie

    2009-2015 PhD, AG Functional Ecology (Prof. Dr. Gerhard Zotz), Universität Oldenburg. Project funded by the DFG, in collaboration with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI).

    Thesis: Long-term dynamics of vascular epiphytes assemblages in a lowland rainforest in Panama.
    2005-2007 Licenciate in Biology, within the DFG research unit: "Functionality in a tropical mountain rainforest", Ecuador. Universidad Nacional de Piura, Peru

    Thesis: Beta diversity of the epiphytic communities in San Francisco reserve, Loja, Ecuador.
    1999-2004 BSc Biological sciences, Universidad Nacional de Piura. Main subjects: Ecology and biodiversity.
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    Journal of Ecology
    Journal of Tropical Ecology
    Acta Oecologia
    Landscape Ecology
    Botanical Sciences
    Biota Colombiana

    Selected congresses

    Méndez-Castro F, Bader M, Mendieta-Leiva G & D Rao. 2016. Islands in the trees: A Biogeographic exploration of epiphyte-dwelling spiders. Talk at the 7th International Canopy Conference. UK.

    Mendieta-Leiva G and F. Werner. 2015. Fine-scale heterogeneity, an explanation of high beta diversity in vascular epiphytes? Talk at the International meeting BIOCON: Biodiversity and conservation of the tropical Andes and the Amazon rainforest. Peru.Mendieta-Leiva G, Wagner, K and G. Zotz. 2012. Long term dynamics of vascular epiphyte assemblies: a ten years study. Talk at the 6th International Conference Canopy, Oaxaca, Mexico.

    Mendieta-Leiva G, Wagner K, Wester, S & Zotz G. 2011. Long term changes of vascular epiphyte assemblages on the palm tree Socratea exorrhiza. Talk at the Annual Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö), Frankfurt, Germany.

    Wagner K, Mendieta-Leiva G & Zotz G. 2011. The value of size distributions for predicting community change in vascular epiphytes. Poster at the Annual Conference of the Society for Tropical Ecology (gtö), Frankfurt, Germany.

    Mendieta-Leiva G, Wagner K, Wester, S & Zotz G. 2011. Long term changes of vascular epiphyte assemblages on the palm tree Socratea exorrhiza. Talk at the 41st Annual Meeting of the Ecological Society (GfÖ), Oldenburg, Germany.

    Mendieta-Leiva G, Werner F & Gradstein R. 2007. Beta diversity of epiphyte communities in a montane moist forest of S-Ecuador. Poster at the 20th Annual meeting of the Society for tropical Ecology. Bonn, Germany.Biota Colombiana


    2016   Foerderfonds Foschung Phillips University of Marburg, Germany.
    2015   Traveling grant from FONDECYT (Fondo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología), Peru.
    2009   IDEA WILD. Field equipment grant, USA.
    2007   ITEC (Institute for Tropical Ecology and conservation), to attend the course: "Canopy ecology and rainforest", Panama.
    2003   ACCA-CICRA (the Amazon Conservation Association) to attend the course: : "Tropical ecology and experimental design", Peru.
    2003   Missouri Botanical Garden (MO) and Herbario Nacional (QCNE) of Ecuador for an internship in: “Botany and Conservation”

    Research interests

    I am broadly interested in the spatial and temporal patterns of neotropical plant assemblages and the causes determining these patterns. Particularly interesting to me are epiphytes, because of the tight coupling to their environment and the variety of strategies they have developed to survive.

    Also See AG Ecological Plant Geography: Research and Projects

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    • De la Rosa Manzano E, Guerra-Pérez A, Mendieta-Leiva G , Mora-Olivo A, Martínez-Ávalos, JG and LU Arellano-Mendez. Vascular epiphyte assemblages in two forest types of "El Cielo" biosphere reserve, México. Botany in press.


    • Mendieta-Leiva G & G. Zotz. . A conceptual framework for the analysis of vascular epiphyte assemblages Perspectives in Plant Ecology Evolution and Systematics 17: 510-521.

    • Cabral JS, Petter G Mendieta-Leiva G , Wagner K, Zotz G and H. Kreft 2015. Branch case as a demographic filter for epiphyte communities. Lessons from forest floor-based sampling PLoS ONE 10 (6): E0128019. 

    • Wagner K, Mendieta-Leiva G & G. Zotz 2015. Host specificity in vascular epiphytes. A review of methodology, empirical evidence and potential mechanisms AoB PLANTS , doi: 10.1093 / aobpla / plu092. 


    • Zotz G, Mendieta-Leiva G & Wagner, K., 2014. Vascular epiphytes at the treeline - composition of species assemblages and population biology. Flora , 209: 385-390.


    • Wester S, Mendieta-Leiva G, L Nauheim, Wanek W, H & Kreft Zotz G. 2010. Physiological diversity and biogeography of vascular epiphytes at Río Changuinola, Panama. Flora 206: 66-79.

    Non peer-reviewed publications




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