Großes Geländepraktikum: New Zealand

Foto: colourbox.de

Spring 2020: 2-week excursion to the South Island of New Zealand. (Modul: Grosse Geländearbeit, focus physical geography)
Dates: Sunday, Feb 23 - Sunday, March 08 (leaving on the 9th)

Route: Christchurch - Craigieburn Range - Arthurs Pass - Moana - Franz Josef Glacier - Fox Glacier - Wanaka - Te Anau - Doubtfull Sound - South Coast - Catlins - Dunedin

General themes: flora, fauna, vegetation, geomorphology, climatology, land use, nature conservation, special focus on alpine treelines!

Student task: find scientific information about a theme, specific for the excursion area, and create an excursion guide for the topic on our route. Output: 1) an oral presentation before the excursion starts, 2) a handout (pictures, maps, and figures, to use during the trip), and 3) an excursion guide to use during the trip and completed after the excursion based on the field experience.

Possible themes for excursion guides: history of the New Zealand flora or fauna, vegetation history, island biogeography, settlement history, land use, nature conservation and tourism, invasive species, alpine treelines, southern beeches (Nothofagaceae), forest types, alpine vegetation, functional peculiarities of the New Zealand flora, tree ferns, mosses, geology of the Southern Alps, glaciers, coastal morphology, river morphology, climate gradients, etc.

Course languages: English and German

Organisation: transport by rental cars, accomodation in hostels and holiday parks (sleeping bag recommended), lots of walking planned, so good physical condition and appropriate gear (hiking boots, rain gear, backpack, etc) are needed.

Costs: ca. 1300 Euro plus flight

Registration (Anmeldung): 27 May to 7 June 2019 on MARVIN (WiSe 2019/20)!

For further informations please contact Prof. Dr. Maaike Bader