Support services 


The MArburg University Research Academy offers doctoral students counseling and coaching services – whether assistance with skills development, career planning, help overcoming writer’s block or conflicts and much more.

Office for Young Researchers

This office is the point of contact for central issues relating to the promotion of young researchers, e.g. when structured programs for doctoral students are set up via research training groups, or when general standards are discussed, e.g. in connection with doctoral degree program rules. It is also responsible for the registration of doctoral students and the awarding of doctoral prizes and the Prize for Excellence in Doctoral Supervision.

Family Service

“How do I balance my family and my doctoral program?” The Family Service advises on balancing family and doctoral programs, providing assistance with individual solutions. The Family Service will support you in areas such as networking with other parents, parental allowance and childcare, and it will put you in touch with knowledgeable contact persons. You are also welcome to contact us on the subject of care.

Women’s and Equal Opportunity Representative

For all questions concerning the advancement of women and equal opportunities, especially career planning during and after your doctorate, you will find the right contact persons here. An overview of various funding programs for women in science can be found here..

Mentoring for women scientists

Particularly during a doctorate, contact with successful women in science and industry is important. Through mentoring, training and networking, young women are supported in the crucial transition phases, prepared for the profession in a practical way and strengthened in their career ambitions.


For doctoral students from abroad: Welcome Center

The Welcome Center at Philipps-Universität Marburg supports doctoral students from abroad especially prior to at the start of your stay, accompanying you in your first steps in Marburg. Their advice on required formalities or tips on finding an apartment will be particularly helpful.


For international doctoral students: International Office

Regardless of whether you are “coming from abroad” or “going abroad” to do your doctorate, the International Office bundles all information and consulting services on the topic of international mobility.


Startup consulting

Have you come up with some good ideas and now you’re on your way to founding a company? Philipps-Universität Marburg also offers support in this area – everything on the topic of “startups” can be found here

Service Center for Digitally Supported Research

The Service Center for Digitally Supported Research is your central point of contact for all matters relating to digitally supported research. This includes digital data management – from planning and versioning to publication and reuse – as well as support for digitalization and digital methods. You can get your own initial overview of the approach to research data management in “Research data management – an online introduction.” 


Representative for the Severely Disabled

Here you will find detailed and knowledgeable advice and support services for all employees who have disabilities and chronic illnesses.

Service Center for Students with Disabilities (SBS)

All enrolled doctoral students can also contact the Service Center for Students with Disabilities at any time for help and advice. Here you can also find a lot of information about accessibility, mailing lists or suitable aids.


Conflict counseling and process development

Do you want to reflect on your situation and are looking for advice? Are you experiencing cooperation with your professor or your team as difficult? Are you overwhelmed with your workload? Are you looking for coaching for your professional development or your nonuniversity application procedures? Would you like targeted support in project management or team development in your work group? Then get in touch!

Help with sexual harassment and assault

Sexual harassment and assault in any form are punishable by law and have no place at Philipps-Universität Marburg! This includes any sexually explicit behavior that is not desired and is perceived as transgressive or hurtful. In such a case, please contact the University Consultative Council (Vertrauensrat) immediately.

Antidiscrimination offices

Discrimination has no place at Philipps-Universität Marburg! We have two central contact points on the topic of discrimination and bias; just give us a call and you will be referred to the right place if necessary. Enrolled doctoral students can contact the Antidiscrimination Office for Students (Antidiskriminierungsstelle für Studierende, ADiS). Doctoral students who are employed at Philipps-Universität Marburg should contact the Representative for the General Equality Act (Allgemeines Gleichstellungsgesetz).

Social Counseling Center of the Student Union

The counseling center provides support and assistance for students and doctoral students in special life situations. This way, with early counseling, major burdens and impairments can usually be avoided. What we offer is free of charge and confidential.
More information

Staff Council

The Staff Council (Personalrat) at Philipps-Universität Marburg is the staff representative body for the university’s employees and offers personal and confidential advice on all matters and regulations relating to employment at the university. It offers a variety of information and links on its homepage, e.g. on workplace conditions or employee rights. The advisory services of the Staff Council are free of charge and can also be used by doctoral students without an employment contract.