last update: May 31st, 2021, the original German version is available here

Transfer of the examination management to Marvin completed successfully

In May 2021, the examination management for all courses of study except for the state examination programs in medicine and dentistry has moved to Marvin. This included successfully transfering examination data and grades from the previous campus management system (QIS, POS) to Marvin.

SInce May 31st, 2021, all campus-management systems (Marvin, QIS and POS) are available again. Students and examiners in the courses of study transfered to Marvin will still have read access to their data in the previous campus management systems for half a year (with the data from April 30th, 2021, as later changes are made in Marvin). Later on, read access is only possible for examination offices and central services.

More information on what to expect regarding examination management with Marvin, including topics such as registration for exams, TAN lists, changes concerning the documentation of attendance in certain courses, and self-service functions, is available here: Examination management with Marvin - what to expect? 

For all subject-related questions, please first contact the examination office of your department or your subject advisor. Many questions concerning Marvin at your department can be answered by the coordinators responsible for Marvin at the departments

The Marvin-support for technical problems is available at .