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Mariam Salehi
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mariam.salehi@staff 1 Ketzerbach 11
35032 Marburg
F|20 Institutsgebäude

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Philipps-Universität Marburg Zentrum für Konfliktforschung (ZfK)
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    Dr. Mariam Salehi is a research fellow in the project "Redressing Sexual Violence in Truth Commissions" at the Center for Conflict Studies. Previously, she worked in the research network "Re-Configurations: History, Remembrance and Transformation Processes in the Middle East and North Africa" at the Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies, Marburg, where her research in the field of Political Transformation Processes and Transitional Justice focused mainly on the case study Tunisia. Her dissertation on the Tunisian transitional justice process received the 2019 Dissertation Award of the German Middle East Studies Association.  

    Before coming to Marburg, Mariam was a research fellow at the Chair of International Politics at Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg. She studied European Studies and Global Politics at the University of Bremen, IEP Lille, and the London School of Economics. 

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    2020: “Designing transitional justice - Problems of planning political & institutional change in volatile political contexts”. In: Challenges to the Middle East North Africa Inclusionary State. Lynch, Marc/Salloukh, Bassel (eds.). POMEPS Studies 37.

    2019: „Frieden und Transitional Justice.“ In: Handbuch Frieden. Hans-Joachim Gießmann and Bernhard Rinke (eds.). Wiesbaden: Springer VS. (with Timothy Williams).

    2019: „Zu viel versprochen?“ In: Internationale Politik, 2/2019.

    2018: “’Droits de l’homme bien sûr!’ Human Rights and Transitional Justice in Tunisia.” In: Accessing and Implementing Human Rights and Justice. Kurt Mills and Melissa Labonte (eds.). Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon: Routledge.

    2018: “Transitional Justice: Aus Tunesien lernen.” In: PeaceLab, 18. September 2018. 

    2018: “Political resistance: how cross-cutting frictions drive and define transitional justice in Tunisia.” In: justiceinfo.net, 18. Juli 2018.

    2017: ”Labor unions and transitional justice: An exploratory study on a neglected actor." In: Roger Duthie and Paul Seils (eds.). Justice Mosaics: How Context Shapes Transitional Justice in Fractured Societies. New York: International Center for Transitional Justice. (With Eva Ottendörfer, Irene Weipert-Fenner, Jonas Wolff).

    2017: “Tunisia’s struggle against corruption: time to fight, not forgive.” In: openDemocracy. (With Irene Weipert-Fenner).

    2016: “Tunisia: Performing justice in difficult times.” In: openDemocracy.

    2016: ”Autonomy in times of war? The impact of the Libyan crisis on migratory decisions.” In: Understanding Migrant Decisions. From Sub-Saharan Africa to the Mediterranean Region, Belachew Gebrewold and Tendayi Bloom (eds.). Routledge. (With Delf Rothe).

    2016: “Beyond Peace vs. Justice: Assessing Transitional Justice’s Impact on Enduring Peace using Qualitative Comparative Analysis.” In: Transitional Justice Review, 1 (4), 96-123. (With Timothy Williams).

    2014: ”Wahrheit und Gerechtigkeit. In Tunesien beginnt die offizielle Aufarbeitung der Vergangenheit.” In: Internationale Politik, 6/2014.

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    Guest lecture at the Helmust-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg: „Transitional Justice in Tunesien: Wie Pläne und Politik zusammenspielen.“


    Technical-operational exchange on gender-sensitive reparations, German Federal Foreign Office, Berlin, panelist. 

    Final Conference of the research network "Re-Configurations: Reconfigurations and Connectivities of the MENA Region", Philipps-Universität Marburg, “Transitional Justice in Process”.

    EISA Pan-European Conference, Prague, “From a common knowledge base to confined knowledge flows: The role of knowledge production and transmission in transitional justice”.

    Forum: Justice et transition: la Tunisie, à la croisée des chemins, University of Warwick/Fondation Hirondelle, Tunis, « Résistances politiques: Comment les frictions transversales entraînent et définissent la justice transitionnelle en Tunisie ».

    ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, “Transitional Justice in Process”.


    Colloque Internationale, INTES, Tunis, « Défis sociaux et justice transitionnelle en Tunisie ».

    ISA Annual Convention, Baltimore, “‘Droits de l’homme, bien sûr’: Human Rights and Transitional Justice in Tunisia“.

    GIZ Arbeitskreis Vergangenheitsbewältigung (working group on dealing with the past), virtual, „Transitional Justice in Tunisia“.


    International Peace Research Association, Freetown, ““They could maybe do it if they were Sweden” – The thin line between a holistic approach to transitional justice and promising too much”.

    DAVO Jahreskongress (Annual Convention), Tübingen, "Dealing with a Corrupt Past: Socio-Economic Dimensions of Transitional Justice in Tunisia".

    ECPR General Conference, Prague, “Considerations on ‘process-concurrent’ research in Tunisia”.

    ISA Annual Convention, Atlanta, “Justice and political balance in Tunisia”.

    EISA Pan-European Conference, 23.-26. September, Giardini Naxos, “Justice and (In-)stability in Tunisia”.


    ECPR General Conference, 26.-29. August, Montreal, “Transitional Justice as a Tool to end ‘Bad Governance’?”.

    ISA Human Rights Joint Conference, 8.-10. June, The Hague, “‘Droits de l’homme, bien sûr’: Human Rights and Transitional Justice in Tunisia“.


    WISC 4th Global International Studies Conference 2014, 6.-9. August 2014, Frankfurt,

    “Trials in Tunisia after the “Arab Spring” - Retributive Justice in Times of Transition?”

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen TeachingTeaching

    summer term 2018: seminar (BA) "Transitional Justice"
    winter term 2016/17: seminar (BA) "Complex Emergencies and Current Conflicts" (with Kristine Avram, in German)
    summer term 2016: workshop (MA) "The 'Mess' of the Field – Challenges in Field Research"
    summer term 2015: seminar (MA)"Transitional Justice - Introduction and Debates"

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