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INCOPS Intellectual Outputs

For each Intellectual Output (IO1-IO6) of the INCOPS project there is at least one publication that will be available here.

  • IO1 - Desk Study Work-Based Learning

    In recent years, the incorporation of practical experiences into university curricula increasingly became a standard across various disciplines and study programmes. Likewise, in the field of Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (PCS) both scholars and employers have stressed the necessity for a closer integration of academic skills with practical experience. The project ‘Integration of Work-based Learning in Conflict, Peace and Security Studies’ primarily aims to strengthen the structural integration of practical skill development in MA level curricula of higher education institutions in Europe. Therefore, this report lays grounds for the project by analysing potential benefits of Work-based Learning (WBL) for the field, by providing a conceptual base and by both quantitatively and qualitatively investigating forms of WBL within Europe that have been used in PCS so far.
    For the research, we scrutinised the six project members’ programmes in PCS and collected insights from eight additional institutes engaged in peace, conflict and security education. The Qualitative Survey and the analysis of its results mainly focused on the diversity of WBL activities, the operationalisation and integration of WBL experience into the curriculum, as well as the (institutional) assistance and assessment of WBL modules. The project’s ‘working definition’ of WBL summarises common points extracted from the inspected academic literature and debates within the project’s consortium to align all project partners’ understanding of the WBL practices.
    WBL is defined as: An approach in higher education, which aims to merge theory and practice. It entails students working in or with organisations in the field, gaining practical experience, while utilising and reflecting on their academic skills. Secondly, it yields an increase in educational resources, new impressions, networks, innovative ideas and critical reflection on the applicability of learnt theories. In addition, WBL brings together different stakeholders such as teachers, students and professional organisations.

    Runge, L., and S. Vértes (2021) Mapping Work-based Learning in Peace and Security Studies. INCOPS Report #1.

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