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The intended job depends on a number of factors including grades, work experience and/or language skills. It is difficult to say whether an employer prefers an international joint degree award to a national single one. The international joint degree certainly indicates flexibility, mobility and intercultural awareness. The internship requirements will result in work experience. These are very important for increasing employability. Yet, we strongly recommend making the decision to apply for the international joint degree dependent upon your personal interests and vocational preferences. Studying in two countries and academic cultures is a significant personal commitment that has proven to be very rewarding for virtually all students who have embarked on such MA programmes.
If you are an international student who is interested in working in Germany after finishing your degree, it is important to know that new German law allows foreigners with a German diploma to stay in Germany for up to 18 months directly following the conclusion of their studies to look for a qualified job. For these 18 months you will hold a special "job seeker's visa" which can be easily changed into a work visa, should you manage to find employment consistent with your degree.