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Ten Reasons to Study

  1. Stimulating, Flexible and Multidisciplinary Curriculum – core and elective modules are taught by political scientists, IR experts, sociologists and social psychologists, and encompass a wide range of topics.
  2. Integrated International Joint Degree – During the duration of the programme, students will be simultaneously registered at both universities, where leading academics will be responsible for the supervising and marking of MA dissertations.
  3. Research Opportunities and Research-led Teaching – The School of Politics and International Relations at Kent is a top 20 ranked Politics and International Relations department in the UK. The Centre for Conflict Studies is a renowned research centre in Germany, having received research grants from by the German Science foundation.
  4. Innovative Teaching Techniques – A diverse range of teaching methods include large lectures and small group discussions, simulation exercises and class debates, fostered by active technology-driven learning. Each school has been nationally recognised for their teaching abilities.
  5. International Experience and Intercultural Skills – our programme give students the chance to experience two distinct academic and living cultures in both England and Germany. Our diverse international student body provides the chance to develop and enhance intercultural and international experience and skills.
  6. Integrated Internship – Our 10-week internship aims to provide students with practical experience in an ever-evolving working environment. Students have interned with international organisations, NGOs, think-tanks, governments, museums and media outlets around the globe.
  7. Theory and Practice Combination –Both Kent and Marburg regularly host visiting speakers and lecturers from around the world, who provide leading approaches to academic perspectives. The Centre for Conflict Studies has an established strategic partnership with the Academy for Conflict Transformation in Bonn.
  8. Supportive and Qualitative Student Experience – The School of Politics and International Relations ranked as high as 16th in The Times 2016 Good University Guide for student experience. The University of Marburg offers excellent avenues for student involvement at all levels of the University.
  9. Multicultural, Cosmopolitan and Active Student Body – Both universities have rich traditions of international experiences and exchanges at the student level, leading to fruitful and compelling environments to learn.
  10. Beautiful and Historic Locations – Canterbury, England and Marburg, Germany are both historic cities, housing huge and vibrant student bodies, full of culture and life. Canterbury and Marburg are close to London and Frankfurt respectively, two of Europe’s most exciting metropolitan areas and home to international transportation hubs