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Kristin Schneider, Women's Representative of the School of Business & Economics

Personalfoto Schneider
Foto: Felix Wesch

Dear students, dear colleagues,

My name is Kristin Schneider and I work as an administrative assistant in the Examination Office of the School of Business & Economics.

On 16 November 2011, I was elected Women's Representative by the Women's Assembly of the School of Business & Economics. Dr. Regine Reck was elected as my deputy. We are the contact persons for all female members of our faculty, students, academic staff, professors and administrative and technical staff.

In cases of sexual harassment and bullying, as well as bullying due to sexual orientation, we provide advice and support as trusted third parties. We are involved in the preparation, revision and implementation of the School’s Women's Advancement Plan. In addition, after consultation with the central women's representative, we take part in job interviews that take place within the School. We also participate in meetings with women's representatives from other departments that are organized by the Women's Representative of the University. Every two years, and in coordination with the Equal Opportunities Committee, the Women's Advancement Plan is revised.
Do not hesitate to contact us in case of any problems. We are there for you. All discussions will of course be treated confidentially. We also welcome suggestions and ideas.

Our contact details:

Kristin Schneider

Universitattsstrasse 25, Room 33

Dr. Regine Reck

Universitaetsstrasse 25, Room 31