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Pilot project on autonomous driving with Pharmaserv GmbH

OP Marburg Foto
Source: Ina Tannert / OP Marburg

Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Thomas Clauß, a team of researchers and students of the Philipps University of Marburg did a study on the pilot project for autonomous driving at the Pharmaserv GmbH. Read the article in the local newspaper here (German).

Speech at IHK Frankfurt

Speech about "Digital change: chances and risks for sustainable economic activity"
Prof. Dr. Thomas Clauß was invited to give a speech at an IHK event in Frankfurt.
The IHK event was held in Frankfurt on the 16th November 2017. The title of Prof. Dr. Clauß's speech was "Digital transformation with new business models".

Speech at the 2nd Turkish-German Innovation Summit

Thomas Clauß recently participated at the 2nd Turkish-German Innovation Summit.
As invited speaker, Thomas Clauß recently participated at the 2nd Turkish-German Innovation Summit, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey. During the two day event with the topic “Industrie 4.0 – Digitalization in Manufacturing”, Prof. Clauß discussed about the challenges and opportunities of business model innovation and servitization in the digital age.
Visit for further information about the event or have a look at the press release.

Speech at 10th Norddeutscher Gemüsebautag


At January, 31st 2017, Thomas Clauß gave a speech about "Business Model Innovation: A (new) approach to generate competitive advantage"
About 80 Participants from food- and agribusiness, gained insights into the concept of business model innovation and how new business models such as self-harvesting or hydroponic farming could change their industry. Many thanks to the organizers from Wirtschaftsverband Gartenbau e.V. for inviting us to contribute to their event.

Keynote at the Zukunftsforum

Prof. Dr. Thomas Clauß will be one of the keynote speakers at the Zukunftsforum Digitale Wirtschaft 2016. 
His presentation is called: "Understanding innovation holistically: Potential and challenges of new business models".