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Entrepreneurship (Master)


The lecture will be given each summer term.


The lecture will be held in English.


The course Entrepreneurship addresses the business formation process of recognition and evaluation of opportunities and risks, the acquisition of resources and the operative planning of a new venture. Relevant entrepreneurship theories and concepts will be combined with practical cases and group assignments.
Structure (preliminary)
Entrepreneurship - Overview
Introduction, Definition and Conceptual Basics
Opportunity Recognition
Feasibility and Evaluation of Opportunities
Planning the Business Model
Assembling Resources
Financing Issues
Launching and Running the Start-Up


The lecture teaches essential practical and academic capabilities. Students will learn what it takes to be successful in building new businesses whether as a start-up or in a business development position in an established company. The participants get to know entrepreneurship as a process and discuss different theoretical approaches to entrepreneurship. In combination of the lecture content with the independent development of a new venture idea in group work and a pitch presentation of there concept, students can apply their knowledge under realistic start-up conditions.

After the course, students will be able to:

Gain an understanding of the basic concepts of the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship
Apply concepts of idea generation for business opportunities in the market place
Identify and acquire relevant resources for a new venture
Learn to develop ideas into business plans, and
Pitch their ideas in a crisp and concise manner.


The lecture will be held weekly.
All relevant details will be provided in the first lecture.
The lecture will be accompanied by a seminar with PwC during which the students will learn creative tools in order to develop a firm's business model and analytical methods in order to analyze markets and prepare a business plan for the start-up.
Results of the group work will be presented in a pitch in the PwC Tower in Frankfurt (July 12th).
To pass the 6 CP course, students have to pass the 60min exam (3 CP) and the seminar part (consisting of presentation and thesis, 3 CP).


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