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Aims and Scope

Teaching Method

We try to offer an innovative and modern teaching method. In this, we try to shift the objective of our courses from teaching to learning thereby focusing on developing students' competencies. Obviously, this requires enhanced reflection and development of the established teaching and learning culture. We continually endeavor to enhance development, assurance and improvement of the quality of teaching and studying. On the basis of theoretically established higher educational concepts, we organize opportunities for the professional enhancement and continual improvement of understanding teaching and the necessary teaching skills.


Prof. Clauß and his team members continue their training in didactics in higher education to ensure the best learning offerings for our students.

Prof. Clauß received the certificate for “Competence for Professional University Teaching” (Kompetenz für professionelle Hochschullehre) in 2015 for his training and project activities in didactics in higher education. Furthermore, all student tutors (e.g. for Quantitative Empirical Research Methods) attend workshops to develop and improve their didactical competences.

In addition, we use innovative teaching and studying methods in order to facilitate a great degree of personal reflection by our students. In particular, regular Think Pair Share discussions are being held during all lectures. Furthermore, all lectures are complemented by a seminar/tutorial part in which theoretical insights from the lecture may be applied in either one's own research activities or case study exercises. Our seminars always aim to embrace the self-development of students' competencies with interesting practical or research-oriented projects.