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Empirical Economic Research on Gender (Lecture)

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    Winter Term 2017/18
    4 SWS, ECTS Credits: 6
    Prof. Dr. Seo Young Cho
    Time and Place:
    Monday, 12-14, 01002 BT 1 (Barfüßertor 2)
    Friday, 14-16, 01002 BT 1 (Barfüßertor 2)

    The course language is English

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    This course aims to provide students with the knowledge of economic analysis as a tool to investigate and explain gender gaps in various areas with a focus on studies that employ quantitative data. Debating methodological aspects of these studies such as research design, estimation biases, causality, and measurement issues will be part of the learning. Topics of gender economics in this class include both market and non-market outcomes of discrimination. By the end of the class, students are expected to grasp a solid understanding about economic assessments in gender gaps and to be able to apply the most-commonly-used analytical tools to empirically investigate the topics of gender economics.