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The Rising Economies of East and Southeast Asia (Master's Seminar)

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    Summer Term 2018
    4 SWS, ECTS Credits: 6
    Prof. Dr. Cho, Seo Young
    Time and Place:
    Friday, 20 April 2018, 12-14 01002 (Barfüßertor 2)
    Friday & Saturday, 05 & 06 July 2018, 10-16, 0011 (Am Plan 2)

    The course language is English

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    After the end of World War II, no other region of the world has been growing economically faster or dynamically than East Asia. Particularly, the East Asian Miracle transformed the patterns of world trade, reduced global poverty, and provided a new growth model for both developing and industrialized economies. This much appreciated economic miracle has been, however, hampered by a course of economic slowdowns in the region, such as Japan's decadelong recession in the 1990s, the East Asian Financial Crisis in 1997, and current concerns about the sustainability of Chinese growth. In this seminar, students are expected to leam the fundamentals of East Asian economic success (such as industrialization processes and the role of trade), crucial issues in the sustainability of economic growth and future development (labor reform, technological advancement and knowledge spillover, environmental governance, aging societies), and agendas of regional and global cooperation between East Asia and the rest of the world. By leaming these lessons, students will acquire the knowledge necessary to identify economic opportunities and challenges in this region.

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