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Dr. Enrico Böhme

Research and Teaching Assistant (Post-Doc)
Phone: +49 (0) 6421 28 23913
Fax:      +49 (0) 6421 28 28974


Research Interests:

Industrial Organization
Network Economics
Information Economics

Dr. Enrico Böhme has obtained his doctoral degree from Goethe University Frankfurt and is currently working as a post-doc researcher at the chair of Institutional Economics. His major research interests are in the field of Industrial Organization. In addition, he is interested in Network Economics as well as Information Economics. In his doctoral thesis, he has analyzed monopolistic and oligopolistic pricing behavior in two-sided industries.  Enrico Böhme's future research will be devoted to oligopolistic location choice on two-sided markets as well as on various problems arising from asymmetric information under oligopolistic competition.