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Junior Prof. Dr. Seo-Young Cho

Seo-Young Cho-1
Foto: Seo-Young Cho

Empirical Institutional Economics
Barfuessertor 2, 35037 Marburg
Phone: +49 (0) 6421-28-23996

Seo-Young Cho is junior professor of Empirical Institutional Economics. Her main research focuses on institutional framework and global governance addressing the problems of gender based violence and crime. In dosing so, she employs various empirical methods, including integrating macro- and micro-analysis and quantitative and qualitative data, in order to address methodological challenges in conducting research on ‘clandestine’ activities.

Currently, Seo-Young Cho investigates the consequences of institutional changes in prostitution regime on sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Particularly, she tries to examine the unexpected outcome of liberal policy adopted in the developed world on vulnerable populations from the developing world by bringing about the issues of dual-standards in the period of globalization. Her research is also enlarged to other relevant topics such as female migration, women’s empowerment, and racism. Additionally, she works on evaluating institutional efforts combating human trafficking by developing the 3P Anti-trafficking Policy Index, measuring governmental policy performance every year worldwide (link: