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Reasons to study Business Administration in Marburg

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The four-semester programme in Business Administration culminates in the award of an internationally recognized Master of Science degree with 120 credits. Graduates can enter directly into professional practice or continue to a doctorate. The degree conveys the key fundamentals of modern corporate management. You will learn to describe, explain and design corporate structures, processes and decision-making processes.

What do we offer?

  • you will receive an excellent education with a solid academic foundation;
  • you will also learn how to apply your theoretical expertise in practice;
  • you will expand your soft skills through a wide range of offerings relating to key qualifications; 
  • you will receive outstanding support from your instructors, benefiting from close personal contact with professors and staff; 
  • you have access to opportunities for study abroad at attractive partner universities.

Clearly structured electives give you the opportunity to develop an individual profile in value-based corporate management during your Master's degree. Once you have developed a knowledge base in business administration and economics and learned the basic methods, you will choose one of the following three core areas:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Market-oriented Management
  • Information and Innovation Management

The University of Marburg also offers a broad array of interdisciplinary modules (e.g. In the fields of law, psychology, sociology, philosophy and geography) to round out your individual profile. Another unique feature is the "key qualifications" module, which allows you to acquire the "soft skills" you will need in academia and in professional practice. Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to study abroad, during which you will be able to gain intercultural experience and try living and studying in another country.

For a look at what it's like to live and study in the university town of Marburg, and to view current research by the university's professors visit the website of the School of Business and Economics.

We hope to see you soon here in Marburg!