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Our teaching profile

The School of Business & Economics offers three degree programs on the Bachelor’s level, and eight degree programs on the Master’s level. Furthermore, the School is a major partner in programs offered by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and at the Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies.

Bachelor programs

The bachelor programs in Business Administration and Economics convey broad knowledge and skills in economics in the introductory phase. In the advanced studies phase, students of economics specialize in institutional economics; students of business administration specialize in one of the areas accounting and finance, market-oriented management or management of information and innovation. Both programs offer the possibility of a pursuing studies in a second field of specialization, e.g., to acquire expertise in sustainable resource management, mathematics or in a second field of specialization in business administration. The programs are polyvalent in the sense that they offer many possibilities of continuing studies on the Master’s level at the University of Marburg.

The bachelor program in Intercultural Business Studies emphasizes international and intercultural aspects. Besides their field of specialization in business administration, students obtain an additional profile through their focus on “industrialized countries” and “emerging markets”, fields in which they acquire – regionally differentiated – skills in cultural studies, linguistics and history.

Master programs

The master program in Business Administration offers an advanced education in the fields accounting and finance, market-oriented management and management of information and innovation. At the same time, students have extensive possibilities to choose a profile for their studies.

The master program in quantitative accounting and finance combines expertise in accounting and finance with skills in mathematical methods and their application.

The master program in International Business Management is a double-degree-program with the INSEEC in Paris, with study phases at both schools and an internship abroad.

The master program in Economics & Institutions offers an advanced education in institutional economics. This program exports part of its courses into the interdisciplinary master programs in Economics of the Middle East, Political Integration and Globalization, International Development Studies, and the double-degree-program in International Political Economy (in cooperation with the University of Texas at Dallas with study phases at both universities).

All study programs are set up such that a term abroad can easily be integrated. In all study programs, some courses are taught in English language. The curriculum of the M.Sc. Economics & Institutions is completely taught in English.