Dr. Raphael Hartmann

Research Fellow

Contact information

raphael.hartmann@ 1 Gutenbergstraße 18
35032 Marburg
G|01 Institutsgebäude
  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Research InterestsResearch Interests

    Bayesian statistics: hierarchical modeling, prior choice, parameter estimation

    Cognitive modeling: reaction times, multinomial processing tree (MPT) models, diffusion models, recognition, strategy classification

    Statistical programming: building R packages, Markov-chain Monte Carlo Simulations

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen PublicationsPublications

    Hartmann, R., & Klauer, K. C. (2021). Partial derivatives for the first-passage time distribution in Wiener diffusion models. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 103, 102550. doi:10.1016/j.jmp.2021.102550

    Hartmann, R., & Klauer, K. C. (2020). Extending RT-MPTs to enable equal process times. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, 96, 102340. doi:10.1016/j.jmp.2020.102340

    Hartmann, R., Johannsen, L., & Klauer, K. C. (2020). rtmpt: An R package for fitting response-time extended multinomial processing tree models. Behavior Research Methods, 52(3), 1313–1338. doi:10.3758/s13428-019-01318-x

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen TalksTalks

    Hartmann, R. , Klauer, K. C., & Johannsen, L.(2019) Response Time Extended Multinomial Processing Trees in R. In 50th Meeting of the European Mathematical Psychology Group (EMPG), Heidelberg.

    Hartmann, R. (2019, June). Response Time Extended Multinomial Processing Tree (RT-MPT) Models in R. Talk given at the 34th IOPS/SMiP Summer Conference, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

  • Inhalt ausklappen Inhalt einklappen Poster PresentationsPoster Presentations

    Hartmann, R. (2018). Recovering Rasch Model Parameters when the True Latent Traits are not Normally Distributed: Comparison of Bayesian and Likelihood-Based Approaches. In 60. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen. Marburg, Germany.

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