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Call for Papers

We invite proposals for papers on topics including, but not limited to:

  • speaker/voice comparison
  • speech and audio enhancement
  • transcription
  • speaker profiling
  • disputed utterance analysis
  • authentication of recordings
  • Language analysis in the asylum procedure
  • automatic speaker recognition/comparison
  • voice line-ups
  • retrieval of population data
  • interesting case reports
  • exotic topics

Reviewer Team:

  • Georgina Brown
  • Volker Dellwo
  • Erica Gold
  • Willemijn Heeren
  • Vincent Hughes
  • Michael Jessen
  • Finnian Kelly
  • Radek Skarnitzl
  • Dominic Watt

The deadline for submissions has now passed.

Abstract submission via EasyChair

The submission and review of papers and posters for IAFPA-2021 will be managed through an online conference paper management system called EasyChair. This system gives you, the author/reviewer, complete control over your submission/evaluation.

The submission process for authors consists of 3 stages:

  1.  Create an EasyChair account
  2. Abstract submission (anonymous text + pdf)
  3. Revised abstract submission (with names and references)

An extended guide through this process can be found here.

While the procedure is quite simple and thus we do not anticipate users running into trouble, we are happy to help if you encounter problems. In the event that you do need help, please contact the team at:

1. Set up an account as an Author

First, you will need to set up an account (username and password) as an author.

  • Go to
  • Type in the text and press CONTINUE
  • Complete the form and press CONTINUE
  • Check your Emailaccount for an email from EasyChair
  • Make a note of your Username
  • Follow the link in the email.
  • Fill in the form and press CREATE MY ACCOUNT
  • EXIT or CLICK THIS LINK for abstract submission

2. Abstract submission

If you are not logged in, follow the link:

  • Select NEW SUBMISSION (top-left corner) to submit an abstract
  • Fill out the form for each author
  • Fill in the title and abstract text (without authors or references)
  • At the top of the text, indicate: TALK/POSTER, TALK ONLY, POSTER ONLY (and if applicable STUDENT PAPER)
  • Keywords, 1 per line.
  • Upload the abstract.pdf (complete with authors and references for the abstract booklet)
  • Well done! You can now put on the kettle.

At the end of the submission procedure (a new submission or an update of an old one), your action will be confirmed by a confirmation email.

Once the reviewing process is completed, you will receive acceptance/rejection notification with feedback by email.

Making changes:
After completing a submission, a new menu bar ("SUBMISSION #" or "MY SUBMISSIONS" in the case of multiple submissions) is created. Click on “SUBMISSION #” for changing any information about the submission.

3. Revised abstract submission

If your abstract was accepted, we request that you submit, if you require, your revised abstract again until the 1st of July.

  • Select "SUBMISSION #"
  • Select "UPDATE FILE"