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IAFPA for Beginners

Frequently asked questions:

Can I just attend the conference, or is it obligatory to present something?

You can sign up for the conference without presenting something. Not everyone has had the time or the funding to do research. Or you may be a student, who does not know yet in which direction your studies should go. Conferences are a good way to find out.

How big is this conference?

Currently, IAFPA has 120 members worldwide. We expect, however, between 90-140 participants. Experience with online conferences shows increased number of participants. We actually see this as a positive phenomenon, as more scientists worldwide can benefit in this way from this forum of expertise.

I´m a student with nice but poor parents. What are my costs?

First, the cost of this online conference will be minimal, as the fee only needs to cover the costs of the technical setup (e.g. softwarelicense, rental of equipment/room). Second, IAFPA likes students to participate ; you will therefore pay a reduced conference fee. Your fee will be 10€ before the Early Bird deadline and 15€ afterwards.

The registration fee includes the abstract booklet, certificate of participation and home-made coffee and tea.

I want to become an IAFPA member. How do I apply?

This process takes some time, so apply early. As a student member you need to send a CV to Richard Rhodes and you need to find an IAFPA-member to support your application. The annual Student Membership rate including the online journal subscription is £30. A reminder: the conference fee for all students is the same, IAFPA-member or not.

Full Membership does mean a reduced conference fee. Applications should be supported by two referees who are Full Members of the Association. More information can be found here: