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Presentation & Access Information


All talks are broadcast through the Webex-system. Webex is a conference software with features very much like zoom, but offers strong end-to-end-encryption and is generally considered one of the safest options for digital conferences. Please note that we cannot post access details here, these will be emailed to you before Friday, August 20th. However, you can already download and familiarize yourself with the client "Webex Meetings". A download link is provided here. Note that there are two versions available. In our experience, the better client is the "Webex Meetings" program, the download link of which is found at the bottom of the download page. The technical introduction on Sunday will be based on this version.

Presenters will be able to share their screens and present slides within their favorite programs (e.g., Acrobat, Powerpoint). Sound will be delivered through your computer's microphone. All presenters are invited to also use their cameras such that the audience has the complete audio-visual information as proximate to a real conference as possible. All presenters will be technically chaired, i.e., they will have technical and organizational support from the local Marburg team.


Packages are mainly pre-recorded talks that we grant access to on our secure online ILIAS web space. Once you finished your registration, you will be provided with access to ILIAS (the link is provided here). If you login now, apart from the already known registration objects you will see an additional object called "packages". Here you will find all packages. They can be viewed directly or downloaded to your local computer. Note that the packages will not be completely available before Saturday, August 21st. How to best prepare your package is described here.

Posters (incl. posters with work-in-progress)

Posters will be presented in two poster sessions. As we attempt to provide you with the best possible conference feeling, we have decided that posters will be made available in the conference environment "". Here, we have rented a deluxe conference space that we are about to finalize for optimal usage. Note again that access can only be given in personal emails. However, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the system by signing up on the webpage. Individual registration is free of any charge. The advantage is that you can already create your avatar, if you like. With the link send to you by email towards the end of the week you will then be able to access the conference space. Note that all posters will be permanently visible in two poster rooms. However, poster presenters are only required to be "virtually" available in the corresponding room during the poster presentation times. Attributions of your poster to one of the two presentation times will be announced shortly. In your presentation time, you will be logged into and "stand" next to your poster just as in real life. Attendees can approach you and your poster and ask questions, again just as in real life. The poster presentation will be introduced during the technical "warm up" on Sunday evening.