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In order to bring the expertise and experience of film and media scholars as well as cultural heritage institutions in a fruitful dialogue, the research group will organize various events at Philipps-Universität Marburg and abroad. In addition to local and regional workshops, we will intensify the collaborations with our international project partners on site. 

We carry out workshops in cooperation with the Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum (DFF) in Frankfurt am Main and the Women Film Pioneers Project (WFPP) at Columbia University in New York. Subjects include feminist film historiography, data modeling, data standards, and open data.

The research group also works closely with the Marburg Center for Digital Culture and Infrastructure (MCDCI), the Digital Cinema-Hub (DiCi-Hub), the Consortium for Research Data on Material and Immaterial Cultural Heritage (NFDI4Culture), and the media studies repository media/rep/, among other projects at the Institute of Media Studies in Marburg, such as the DFG Research Network "New Directions in Film Historiography. Digital Tools and Methods in Film and Media Studies" (led by Dr. Sarah-Mai Dang).

While some activities are yet to be implemented over the course of the project, the first steps in the collaboration with the working group Graphics and Multimedia at Philipps-Universität Marburg has already brought to light very interesting visualization approaches. 

The first results of an application-oriented seminar in computer science that was conducted over the past year (2020/21) can be viewed here: Women Film Pioneers Explorer (WFPE) 

The research results are continuously presented at national and international conferences as well as in edited book volumes, journals, and blogs. Furthermore, we discuss our work with a broader public (e.g. in podcasts, cultural institutions, and schools).