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Yolanda Well Rull

This is a picture of Yolanda. She is smiling.
Foto: Anna Scheidemann

Affiliation & Contact

Philipps-Universität Marburg
Institute of German Studies and Arts
Institute of Media Studies
E-Mail: wellrull[at]
Twitter: @navybluewell


After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Media Studies in 2021, Yolanda Well Rull currently pursues a Master of Arts in the program "Providing Literature in the Media" at Philipps-Universität Marburg, where she also works as a Student Assistant in the department of Media Studies. Since October 2020 she has been offering digital support to students and employees, and in April 2021 she joined the research group DAVIF. In the latter context, she is responsible for the maintenance of the bibliographical reference database and the project's website. Before working as a Student Assistant, she gained experience in journalism by helping in the creation of the 3rd edition of The NUFS Times, a university newspaper in Japan (Nagoya). Furthermore, she did an internship at the Media Studies journal MEDIENwissenschaft Rezensionen | Reviews (Marburg), where she was responsible for social media management.