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Glossary of specific terms relating to our exchange programme

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Our glossary explains technical terms that you will encounter many times when preparing for carrying out your stay abroad.  For answers to frequently asked questions, please see our FAQ. Perhaps your question is already answered there?

  • Information session (Informationsveranstaltung)

    An information session is usually held at the beginning of the winter semester for those interested. There you will receive basic information about the programme and partner universities. Further to this, it is an opportunity to meet former exchange students, to listen to their experiences and to ask questions.

  • Mobility Online programme

    With the help of this application and administration programme we can clearly see what formalities have already been dealt with and what remains to be done. Please keep a copy of documents that you have either uploaded or handed over to us.

  • Additional documents of partner universities (Zusatzunterlagen der Partneruniversität)

    Some partner universities require documents in addition to the application documents and you receive these from the Department for English and American Studies. As soon as the partner universities has received your nomination, you usually receive an email with the additional documents.

  • Learning Agreement

    Before your departure, you have to close a binding learning contract with the University of Marburg and the partner university in which your (provisional) courses at the partner university will be compared to their equivalents in your course of study in Marburg. This contract serves to later calculate your course credit. It is important to settle on your course selection with your Erasmus coordinator before your departure and to collect all signatures. For courses at the Department for English and American Studies the signatory is the Erasmus coordinator.

  • Certificate of Arrival

    The information pack at the International Office (IO) contains a Certificate of Arrival to be signed your supervisor on location after your arrival. Along with the completed Learning Agreement and the Changes form, it should be sent back to the IO.

  • Changes to the Learning Agreement

    Do not worry, you can change your courses also on location in agreement with your study coordinator (Studiengangbeauftragten). There is a Changes form attached to the Learning Agreement for this. This is only valid together with the original Learning Agreement. Never send the Changes form on its own!

  • Transcript of Records

    You should timely take care of an original Transcript of Records, a certificate-like list of your courses and grades. You need this when taking into account which courses you have taken and which grades you have achieved.

  • Certificate of Departure

    The Certificate of Departure should be signed by your supervisor on location shortly before departure and forwarded to the International Office (IO).

  • Experience reports (tabular and detailed) (Erfahrungsberichte (tabellarisch und ausführlich))

    You have to create a detailed report and a tabular report for the International Office. Please forward the reports to your Erasmus coordinator. Your experiences help the future Erasmus generations, and help us to avoid problems, remedy grievances and to make the programme clearer and more uncomplicated. Typically, you are asked to expand on the quality of teaching, life abroad und the support you receive from the Erasmus coordinator as well as additional costs, personal experiences and motives. It would be particularly helpful to future participants to know how you found accommodation, how you put together the schedule and what is particularly to be noted at the university.  

  • Form of recognition (Anerkennungsformular)

    In order to credit the courses you took abroad, please submit the completed application for credit (Antrag auf Anrechnung) with the required documents to your Erasmus coordinator. Your Erasmus coordinator sends you this document as soon as the coordinator receives your Transcript of Records.

  • Information session for those interested and email contact

    Former Erasmus students are most welcome to attend the yearly information session for those interested. Participation and a brief description of one’s experiences are not mandatory, but very desirable and impactful. Do support your fellow students with selecting universities, share motivational anecdotes and give them good tips for living and studying at your former host university! To this end, after your nomination you will be asked if we may share your email address with your successors.