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Examination Registration

All courses require a binding registration prior to the module examination (generally the final exam). Registration for the final exam is normally four weeks before the final day of the semester. The exact deadline is announced each semester on the (German) web page “Aktuelle Termine”. Registration after this deadline is not possible.

A special rule is in place for seminars; students enrolled in seminars must be registered within the first four weeks of the semester and no later than when they give their seminar presentation.

Examination registration normally takes place online via the LSF/QIS-Portal. To register you will need to obtain a TAN list from the examination office at the department; you will only need to do this once.

In the event of illness or any other serious cause for missing an examination, you can submit an application to withdraw from the examination (only in German). If the request is granted, the right to sit for the examination remains unchanged. The request must be submitted to the examination office no later than on the third work day following the examination date.

For further questions concerning examination procedures and registration, please contact the examination office of the department.