Manan Shah


Contact information

+49 6421 28-22121 +49 6421 28-27036 manan.shah@physik 1 Renthof 7a
35032 Marburg
R|03 Laborbau II (Room: 223 resp. 02011A)

Organizational unit

Philipps-Universität Marburg Physik (Fb13) Experimental Semiconductor Physics Semiconductor Photonics

Field of research: Semiconductor spectroscopy

Master Thesis:

"Optoelectronic properties of mono- and hetero-bilayer Tungsten diselenide based systems"

In my master thesis I worked on optoelectronic characterization of WSe2/WS2 type-II van der Waals heterobilayers. The optical characterization includes investigation of intra-layer, inter-layer and moiré excitonioc states. Now, I am going to get a "research assistant" position in SFB1083 project under the guidance of Prof. Dr. W. Heimbrodt. The future work includes investigating type-I and type-II vdW-HSs and especially the effect of lattice constant mismatch and moiré excitons

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