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  • Photo: Bastian Weinert

Research Topics

We are interested in multinary, non-oxidic cluster and network compounds, which due to their special electronic and structural properties are highly important for basic research in inorganic as well as materials chemistry. The main synthetic approach pursued in our group makes use of precursor compounds with binary main group element units. This way, we address the following two families of substances:

1) Compounds with multinary anions: zeolite analogs (zeotypes), chalcogenido metalate clusters, and multinary intermetalloid clusters

2) Multinary hybrid compounds: polynuclear complexes or clusters with functionalized organic ligands
[(RT)xEz]q‒ or [(MLn)x(RT)yEz]q‒

(T = element of group 13‒15; E = element of group 14‒16; M = transition metal; L = ligand, R = functionalized organic substituent; q = possible charge)

Depending on the targeted substance class, we perform reactions in conventional solvents, ionothermal reactions, reactions in polychalcogenide flux, and high temperature reactions. The chemical and physical properties, i.e., the reactivities or geometric and electronic structures of the resulting heterometallic and/or mixed valence complexes or hybrid compounds are further investigated by means of various experimental analytical methods and quantum chemical calculations.