Dr. Victoria Ruiz-Hernández

Victoria Ruiz-Hernández
Photo: Victoria Ruiz-Hernández

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Philipps-Universität Marburg Biologie (Fb17) Biodiversität Evolutionäre Ökologie der Pflanzen (AG Junker)

START-Project/University Salzburg

As a postdoc, I am assessing the distribution of microorganisms throughout the successional gradient in a glacier forefield. I am focused on bacteria and fungi growing on the phyllosphere of plants and within soil cores. The aim of my work is to contribute to the understanding of microbe community changes associated to the generation of biodiversity. We will test the hypothesis generated with regard to microbe communities and multidiversity in microcosm experiments. Furthermore, I will work on the functional diversity shift of organisms along the gradient.

Besides my work on the START project, I am studying the preferences of bumblebees, thrips and humans for different floral traits.


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