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Problems instead of solutions

For your competence development as students, we provide case- and problem-oriented learning environments that are often integrated into current research projects. As students, you are active participants in the learning modules and are given the freedom to deal with the subject-related and methodological contents of the course.

At the same time, we never leave you alone and are always available as contact persons, especially in the advanced, method-intensive modules. In this way, we give the process of independent learning an equal position alongside the externally controlled transfer of knowledge.

Development of skills

The following averarching teaching objectives are the focus of our courses:

  • Learning of subject-specific skills and abilities as a basis for professional development
  • Training of methods for the development of information and knowledge transfer as a basis for all learning and cooperation
  • Training of analytical, solution-oriented ways of thinking and acting and the associated competence to successfully deal with unknown and frequently changing problems
  • Learning of methods for transdisciplinary cooperation as a further building block for an analytical-solution-oriented working method
  • Promotion of personal development, especially with regard to the further development of personal and social-communicative competence


If you want to write a thesis with us, we do not expect you to have mature programming skills, extensive experience in GIS and remote sensing, module certificates in the field of database management or your own R-scripts in Google code.

What we expect
We expect commitment. Once we have agreed on a topic, we expect you to be fully committed and work on the task. The first conceptual solution proposal for a problem should always come from you. General evaluation criteria for BSc theses or MSc theses can be found below.

What you can expect
If you are committed to your work, you can be sure that we will do the same. You will have a mentoring team available for discussions and to guide you through your thesis.