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List of individual projects

Thomas Worzfeld/Silke Reinartz Influence of tumor-host secretome on ovarian cancer cell invasion and metastasis
Magdalena Huber/Rolf Müller Intercellular signaling mediated by pro-inflammatory IL17A/F in ovarian cancer
Elke Pogge The role of HSP70-positive extracellular vesicles from tumor cells for the function of macrophages and NK cells within the ovarian cancer microenvironment
Lienhard Schmitz Characterization and selective targeting of deregulated NF-κB activation pathways in ovarian cancer cells
Michael Kracht The role of CDK- NF-κB crosstalk in shaping de novo protein synthesis, shedding and secretion of inflammatory mediators
Thorsten Stiewe Remodeling of the tumor microenvironment by mutant p53-stimulated glycoprotein secretion
Robert Liefke/Andreas Neubauer Overcoming AML drug resistance by attacking SKI and the PRC2/NF-κB-axis
Andreas Burchert Secretome analysis to elucidate the mechanism of the sorafenib response and treatment therapy failure in transplanted FLT3-ITD AML patients