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Interactions in ovarian carcinoma microenvironment

High-grade serous ovarian carcinoma is the most lethal of all gynecological malignancies. It is unique among human cancers in its early and continuous spread via peritoneal cavity fluid. This fluid - which at advanced stages frequently accumulates as an effusion called ascites - is composed of cancer cells, various host cells, growth factors, cytokines and exosomes and plays a pivotal role in metastasis and immune suppression.

Our group is focused on the interaction of tumor and host cells and in ascites, spheroids and invaded tissues, with a focus on macrophages, T cells, NK cells, adipocytes, mesothelial cells and fibroblasts.

Towards this goal we apply in-depth bioinformatic methods to analyze data generated by high throughput 'omics' approaches coupled with advanced cell culture systems modeling the ovarian cancer microenvironment (See Reinartz, Finkernagel et al., Genome  Biology 2016; Adhikary et al.  BMC Genomics 2017; Worzfeld et al. Molecular and cellular proteomics, 2018).

IL-6 and IL-10 signaling in ovarian carcinoma ascites. Red: produced by tumor cells (Tu), Blue: produced by tumor associated macrophages (TAM). Asterisks: associated with a poor clinical outcome. Modified from: Reinartz, Finkernagel et al., Genome Biology 2016 under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

For more information on ovarian carcinoma, please visit the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance - OvaRA website.

Full publication list.

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