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Instant Messaging (Chat)

Real-time communication is possible via the University Computer Center’s own instant messaging service (chat server). Similar to ICQ, Facebook or Skype you can chat privately with a person or within a group. The chat is limited to text messages, the data remains on the chat server within the Philipps-University. However, the chat communication is not limited to the university network, so you can use it from anywhere.

For a quick start: Server name/domain:, port: 5222

Target group

Students, employees


  • Central User Account (Uni Account)
  • Chat client that supports the xmpp protocol (jabber), see instructions and interesting facts.


In operation


User/ID: Username (of the Staff or Students Account)
Password: Password (of the Staff or Students Account)
Port: 5222, TLS or STARTTLS


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    If you have any questions or problems, please contact .

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    Security settings

    • Participation in the worldwide Jabber network is not possible.
    • Using the chat server is only possible with a Central User Account
    • The server requires an encrypted connection (SSL/TLS).
    • There is no recording of the conversations and no logging of session data on the server side. In particular, it is therefore also not possible to send messages to users who are offline.
    • Passwords should not be stored in the messenger for your own protection. This is especially true when using messenger clients on smartphones.

    Find and add contacts

    • Add individual contacts to your contact list
      In order to chat with individuals, they must authorize each other once.

      In the Messenger Clients you can find this option under "Add Buddy" or "Add Contacts". For the authorization request you need the so-called XMPP JID. This consists of Username@Servername, e.g.

    • Authenticated groups
      If required (for working groups, seminar groups etc.), we can set up groups that are mutually authorized from the beginning.

      To do so, please send an e-mail to indicating the faculty, institute/department/working group, event name or group name and a list of the account names of the group members.

    • Group rooms: Multiuser Chat (MUC)
      Group rooms can be set up and configured by the user. The server name is Please read the help of the chat client in use.