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VPN access for students

Since 16 Sep 2022, VPN access for students has been split. The VPN group unimr-vpn-students, which already exists, only allows access to literature and publishing offers. For further access please use the group unimr-vpn-students-password+2FA; this requires two-factor authentication (e.g. "extended password" consisting of password with directly attached TAN). The following table provides an overview of which services require 2-factor authentication.

These services are still accessible with a plain password These services require the VPN group unimr-vpn-students-password+2FA
and a 2-factor authentication
Licensed literature offerings (eBooks, journals) 2FA-Portal for managing the 2FA tokens (TAN lists, 2FA app, etc.)
Licensed databases from external providers Copy, print, scan
QIS for medical students (MARVIN on the other hand does not need a VPN!) SMB drive accesses, e.g. to your students-home-directory
Edit web pages within the University's CMS
Remote control of UMRnet hosts by means of SSH or RDP