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Possibly a quick replacement solution for VPN problems


The WebVPN is a supplement to the VPN access and is provided by the same server as the latter. A special web application provides access to resources that would normally require a VPN connection.

The WebVPN can be useful if:

  • You are working on a foreign PC and do not want to or cannot install a VPN client.
  • A firewall blocks the use of Anyconnect.
  • An unfavorably configured WIFI access point blocks the use of Anyconnect


  1. Go to with any web browser. The following page appears:

  2. Log in with username and password of the appropriate user group (Staff or Students).
  3. You will now reach the common start page of the VPN and WebVPN service.
  4. Enter the desired URI or address in the field provided in the web application (finish with RETURN).

Do not use the address line of your browser, bookmarks from the browser will not work either.

The content is displayed. A toolbar is displayed semi-transparently. Links can be followed within the WebVPN application.


The WebVPN service cannot support all functions of the normal VPN access due to its mode of operation, e.g. integrated network drives cannot be accessed easily. Currently, there are no known technical problems with access restricted sites, where on the other hand remote access is licensed.


If you have problems with the WebVPN service, please send an email to or contact the helpdesk at 06421/28-28282