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Web Conferencing with Cisco WebEx

In addition to the two video and web conferencing services DFNconf and BigBlueButton, university members can use the Cisco WebEx conferencing service as a communication platform for a limited period of time. This allows web conferences with up to 1000 participants. With the Cisco WebEx conferencing service, organizers (hosts) of online meetings must be registered with their email address before they can create and invite to online meetings.

A campus license has been purchased for the WebEx web conferencing service, which can currently be used until the beginning of May 2021.

Registration as an organizer with the WebEx conference service is possible for employees with a central user account via this web form. You will then receive an invitation email from the WebEx service, which you can use to activate your organizer access. For support, please contact the IT administrators in your departments.

Participant registration is not required. Participation is not restricted to university members.

Target group

Currently, only the following staff members are authorized to create events in the WebEx service and administer them. (Student assistants only in exceptional cases)

Requirements (for event organizers)

  • Central staff user account (university account)
  • activated and enabled WebEx organizer account

Requirements (for participants)

Participation in a WebEx web conference is possible from a mobile device or PC with webcam and headset (or loudspeaker and microphone) or via telephone dial-in with the access data from the invitation.


Deutsch: Using the WebEx web conferencing service as an organizer (host)

Englisch: Use Cisco Webex Meetings as Hosts

  • Support and Help

    For general questions, please contact the IT Service Desk. Please include your account and a meaningful subject line in emails. For malfunctions and error messages, you are also welcome to contact us directly at

  • Worth knowing

    WebEx site

    The WebEx site set up for Philipps University is called When you register as an organizer, an account with your generic email address will automatically be created for you on the WebEx site via the web form. These WebEx accounts are not synchronized with the university accounts. Both accounts can have different passwords and the email aliases defined in the university are not known on the WebEx site. Therefore, you must use the exact email address you registered with to log in to the WebEx site.

    Creating web conferences

    You can create web conferences on our WebEx site directly in your browser. To do this, log in to the website with your organizer account. There you can create ordinary web conferences (meeting), training events (training) with extended functionality or webinars (events) with very large numbers of participants.

    Participation from PC or laptop

    When calling up the WebEx meeting URL in the browser, the installation of the WebEx app is recommended directly. With a current browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) it is also possible to participate directly from the browser via WebRTC. Shortly after the download of the WebEx app is offered, a link "Join from your browser." will appear on the screen. When participating from the browser, access to the camera and microphone must be explicitly allowed.

    The WebEx app provides participants with enhanced functionality and more layout options.

    Recording a web conference

    Due to data privacy concerns web conferences should not be recorded or stored in the Webex cloud. Recordings stored in the Webex Cloud are automatically deleted after 14 days. Whenever a recording is necessarry please select the option "Record on my computer" while starting the recording. You can publish recorded meetings as Opencast videos to the teaching and learning platform ILIAS.
    The recording layout has to be configured in the hosts configuration settings on our Webex site for meetings without and with an active share.