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Internationalization Steering Group

The internationalization steering group set up by the executive committee of Philipps-Universität in the summer semester of 2012 supports the internationalization process, initiates and promotes cross-university communication regarding the internationalization strategy, develops concepts on the key topics defined by the executive committee and formulates recommendations regarding the definition of objectives and the use of resources.

The members of the steering group are:

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Bölker (Vice-President for Research, Young Academics and International Affairs)
  • Prof. Dr. Evelyn Korn (Vice-President Student Affairs)
  • Prof. Dr. Maaike Bader (Department of Geography)
  • Prof. Dr. Annette Becker (Department of Medicine)
  • Prof. Dr. Thorsten Bonacker (Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy)
  • Prof. Dr. Florian Gebhard (Department of Physics)
  • Prof. Dr. István Heckenberger (Department of Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Prof. Dr. Kathrin Siebold (Department of German Studies and Arts)
  • Prof. Dr. Benedikt Stuchtey (Department of History and Cultural Studies)
  • Prof. Dr. Martin Thanbichler (Department of Biology)
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Olalla Vázquez (Department of Chemistry)
  • Prof. Isabel Zollna (Department of Foreign Languages and Cultures)
  • Dr. Gabriele Neumann (University Communications and Press)
  • Jochen Fischer (Administration Unit: Academic Affairs and Teaching)
  • Petra Kienle (Administration Unit: International Office and Family Services)
  • Wewek Kapoor, Felix Stephan (Student Representatives)
  • Jessica Morneweg, Mona Kellermann (Deputy Student Representatives)

Together, the executive committee and the steering group have developed a strategic overall concept regarding the framework for internationalization in the area of development planning for research and the promotion of young talent, the education of students, and lastly in the areas of administration and scholarship management.