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Pre-sessional intensive courses for international students

In accordance with the Covid 19 regulations for face-to-face teaching, pre-sessional classes are planned for October 2020. They differ from the previous classes in some respects, such as group size, duration, teaching/learning format, course fees, credit points. Please read the course description below for more detailed information.

These (now) three-week German classes just before the beginning of the semester will give you a headstart into student life at Philipps-Universität:

  • a young team of teachers will help you find your feet in the new surroundings,
  • we will make you familiar with German academic conventions,
  • you will learn to cope, both linguistically and culturally, with important aspects of everyday and academic life in Marburg.

Please note: These classes are exclusively for students who are coming to Philipps-University for their year abroad and for international MA-students! New students take precedence over those already settled in Marburg.

If you want to take part in the pre-sessional courses

  • Please read the Course Details with Information about course contents and credits!
  • For registration, exchange students (ERASMUS, Overseas and Free Movers) go through the International Office. MA-students and PhD-students should apply to Dr. Susanne Duxa (address see below) by 24th July 2020, stating their name, sex, date of birth, nationality, native language, approximate level of German and academic discipline.
  • Please return the questionnaire plus online test which we will send out on 21st July 2020 to all those who have requested to take part in the pre-session German courses in their application for their study period at Philipps-University. Please note that we cannot guarantee a place for you if this questionnaire is not returned in due time!

Please make sure to inform us in the event that

  • you no longer want to take part in the class
  • you cannot be in Marburg in time for the beginning of the course

In order to save you the bank fees when transferring money from abroad, the course fee is payable after your arrival here in Marburg.


Dr. Susanne Duxa