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Consultation Services for Skills Development

MARA offers consultation services in matters of skills development for doctoral candidates and those interested in pursuing a doctoral degree. Today, careers both within and outside of academia require extracurricular skills in addition to the expertise at the core of an academic discipline. An opportunity to discuss one's own strengths and opportunities for development, as early as the doctoral phase when numerous challenges must be met, can be helpful in navigating one's way through the jungle of demands and preparing for a future career within or outside the university.

Consultation services for skills development are useful to

  • Gain an overview of skills required in the doctoral phase.
  • Assess one's own skills.
  • Discover one's individual development potential and identify appropriate continuing education offerings.
  • Anticipate challenges and develop coping strategies.
  • Analyze the skills requirements of future career paths and develop job preferences.

In our consultation services, we use materials developed by a UniWiND working group that has spent a number of years dealing with issues related to skills development in the doctoral phase.

Should you be interested in a consultation, please feel free to contact us for an appointment.


Dr. Christine Berger
MArburg University Research Academy (MARA)
Tel.: +49 (0)6421 28 21310