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Completion Scholarships

Completion scholarships are intended to assist particularly qualified female doctoral and postdoctoral students to complete their qualifying work when no other funding is available.

  • How is funding provided?

    Female doctoral candidates or postdoctoral scholars who will submit their dissertation or postdoctoral thesis to a department at Philipps-Universität Marburg are eligible to apply.

    Female doctoral candidates receive a monthly amount of 1,300 EUR; female medical doctoral candidates receive a monthly amount of 735 EUR. In addition, a materials allowance (103,00EUR) and, if applicable, a child allowance is granted.

    Postdoctoral scholars receive a monthly amount of 1,750 EUR. In addition, a material cost allowance (103.00EUR) and, if applicable, a child allowance will be paid.

    The completion scholarships are awarded for a maximum of six months and must be started in the current calendar year, i.e., by 12/01 at the latest.

    Retroactive funding from the beginning of the year at the earliest is also possible, i.e. from 01/01 of the current calendar year.

    The dissertation or habilitation must be submitted by the end of the funding period; funding after submission is not possible, i.e. the funding period ends with the submission of the written work to the department. Unfortunately, funding until the completion of the disputation is not possible.

  • What is not funded?

    These scholarships are constructed as completion scholarships, i.e. the funding format does not address individuals who are at the beginning of their doctoral studies.

    The scholarships are financed by funds of the Female Professors Program of the Federal Government and the States to Promote Equal Opportunity in Science and Research, therefore men are excluded from the application.

    Living-abroad allowances are not granted.

  • Additional information

    The funding is provided in accordance with the Guidelines of Philipps-Universität Marburg for the Award of Equal Opportunity Scholarships and Positions for Female Junior Scholars as Funded by the Female Professors Program of the Federal Government and the States.

    The Committee for Equal Opportunity Scholarships decides on the applications received according to the criteria linked here.

    A final report has to be submitted four weeks after the end of the scholarship at the latest.

    The goal is to support women whose funding is coming to an end, so a completion scholarship will only be awarded if applicants are not receiving (or no longer receiving) another scholarship from public or private funds.Income from employment, capital gains, and transitional payments (gross income) will be counted. However, additional income from academic employment or activities of up to an average of 500 EUR per month while receiving the scholarship is possible. Living-abroad allowances are not granted. As concerns the amount awarded and limits on additional income, the scholarships follow the guidelines for DFG Research Training Groups (see points or,, and, para. 2 and 3 of the Usage Guidelines, Conditions for Research Agreements with the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft e.V. (DFG) on Research Training Groups (PDF, German)).

  • Current call for applications

    The next call for applications for the Equal Opportunity Scholarships of Philipps-Universität Marburg is expected to take place in 2024.


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