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The building blocks of life

There is a long tradition in the life sciences at Philipps-Universität, where a focus on the specialized fields of cell biology, microbiology and virology has emerged. The university continues to build on successful vaccine research since Emil von Behring and on its expertise in highly pathogenic viruses. The Center for Synthetic Microbiology, which brings together the university and the Max Planck Institute for Terrestrial Microbiology. This association, with its extensive expertise and interfaces to medical, chemical and pharmaceutical research fields such as biochemistry and biological pharmaceutics, offers scientists an outstandig research environment. Marburg scientists study various fields of cell biology. Basic research, which is intended to decipher the principles governing the building blocks of life and how these building blocks interact with the environment, plays an important role in this context. In addition, an understanding of processes in microorganisms should help to comprehend how diseases develop and to create new tools for biotechnology.