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Eligibility assessment process - Romance Language and Cultural Areas (MA)

Documents to be submitted

The following documents and certifications are required for participation in the eligibility assessment process:

a) Application for admission (online application of the online application portal)

b) The first, fundamental university degree with final grade. If this is not available, a Transcript of Records with a calculated average grade on the basis of at least 150 credit points (according to ECTS) can alternatively be submitted.

c) The Transcript of Records for determining your previous course contents

d) The certification of skills in at least one of the Romance languages of French, Italian or Spanish at Level B2 of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages"

e) Standard format  resume

f) Letter in which the applicant presents his/her disciplinary and personal suitability and explains his/her interest in commencing a Master of Arts study program in "Romance Language and Cultural Areas" in the Department 10 Foreign Language Philology of the Philipp University of Marburg.

g) Any additional certifications of personal disciplinary suitability, which relate to the criteria indicated in paragraph 2.2.

Criteria for personal disciplinary suitability

Personal disciplinary suitability is evaluated based on the submitted documents, according to the following criteria. A total of up to 7 suitability points can be achieved.

Up to 4 suitability points are assigned for the final grade point average or, if the final grade point average should not be available, a submitted, calculated average grade on the basis of at least 80% of the credit points required for the bachelor's degree, according to the following key:

  • Grade points 15.0 to 12.5 (decimal grade 0.7 to 1.5) => 4 points
  • Grade points 12.4 to 9.5 (decimal grade 1.6 to 2.5) => 3 points
  • Grade points 9.4 to 6.5 (decimal grade 2.6 to 3.5) => 2 points
  • Grade points 6.4 to 5.0 (= decimal grade 3.6 to 4.0) => 1 points

The specifications are based on the grade scale according to § 28 of the General Terms of the Philipps University Marburg.

An additional suitability point is awarded for:

  • the certification of an additional study-related foreign Romance language at Level A2 of the "Common European Framework of Reference for Languages". The following languages apply: French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese,
  • the certification of a study-related internship of at least one month in duration,
  • an letter whitch is indicated in paragraph 1. f).

An evaluation of a total of at least 3 suitability points is prerequisite for admission to the program.